Party LED Stage Light #wowtoupartylight

Party LED Stage Light


We are having so much fun with this Party LED Stage Light and so can you!




This light has red, green and blue high power LED lights allowing 7 lighting colors – red, orange, white, green, blue, cyan and purple.




The lights can be set on strobe or other options such as sound activated, color jumpy, gradual changing, fade in and fade out.




Although I only have one unit – if you had multiple you could sync them together.  The casing is flame resistant plastic with a metal hanging bracket.




This is the perfect light for our family.  I would never invest in a really expensive light with our kids around.  But this is well priced and just right for our family’s needs and fun.  Because it is an affordable option I don’t have to worry about the kids damaging an expensive piece of equipment.  For the price this is awesome.  We set it up on the deck at night and have a blast – throw on some music and hang out and enjoy the music and the lights.


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