Pulling Pop Up Power Socket #PullinPoUPoweSockeReview

Pulling Pop Up Power Socket



This Pulling Pop Up Power Socket is the perfect electrical outlet to conserve space – You can put it anyplace you want such as you home, office, meeting room, wall or other.  I am going to put it in my home office desk – though I don’t quite have access to that space at the moment until my daughter finds a place of her own.  But I can’t wait to install this in my desk and have a state of the art space.




It is made of high grade aluminum and plastic and can be fully hidden under the tabletop – saving space and making everything look nice and organized.  It can even be installed horizontally or vertically – though I will be doing it in a desktop.



Just one press of the top and it rises up to provide access to the AC and USB ports.

Although I will be installing this at home – it would be awesome for everyone in my work office to have a device like this.  We can never find adequate or reachable power spaces.  This would solve everyone’s problems and it won’t be an eyesore.


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