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Vimtag Camera for Pets #vimtag

Vimtag Camera for Pets



This device is designed for pets but I don’t honestly know why it can’t be used for homes/people.  Either way this is a Vimtag Camera for pets.




I have two giant breed dogs.  They are home during the day when we are at work.  They don’t have free roam of the place so I am not worried about destruction.  They are in an outdoor kennel – but in the basement.  One of them is an english mastiff and she has some serious medical issues and can’t do the stairs anymore.  The other in a Newfoundland and when we try to separate her she screams and goes crazy – so for now when we are at work they are in the basement living very comfortably in an outdoor kennel.  Additionally there are ten people in our house so someone is always home to take them outside, play with them, check on them and in the case of the English Mastiff – clean her up if necessary so she isn’t in it all day long.




In either case though – she is our dog and I want to keep an eye on her during the day and this camera is perfect for that.  I have had an issue though because our wifi is on the fourth floor and she is in the basement.  I need to get a wifi booster – but I did play around with it upstairs to see how it worked.




What makes this camera totally awesome?  I can see my dogs while I am at work or simply away.  As I said they are also cared for by others at home but I need to see for myself if she is acting strangely or potentially having a seizure or something.  I can see her right on my smartphone – which naturally I have with me at all time.  I can easily pan, tilt, detect her motion and even hear her or allow her to hear me.




Setup is really easy and only took 5-10 minutes (I kept getting interrupted).  I also love that I can keep an eye on her even when I am home – the camera has really good night vision so I can still get a good look at her.  I can record her and use those recordings to compare to others when I think she is struggling.


Chewy and Xena
Xena (Newfoundland) never leaves Chewy’s (English Mastiff) – she is like her guide dog



Overall I can’t be more pleased – I just need to find a way to get a consistent signal down to the basement.


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