#NSNation Starting Week 5 on Nutrisystem and Feeling Great #ad

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Feeling Great Nutrisystem



This is the week that my family started to notice my weight loss.  The comment I get the most from family and friends is that I am looking younger!  That is fine by me.  But what’s more important is that I feel younger; I feel better!


Feeling great and having fun


I also dyed my hair a smidge darker – I was naturally black but time has forced me to go lighter and lighter.  Then eventually salt, sand, chlorine, wind and more turned my hair blonde.  This is the darkest it has been in a long time – more like the color of my kids’ hair.


My progress has been slow but I honestly don’t care – it is still going down and I feel great.  I even have a followup doctors appointment this coming week and I am not the least bit stressed about getting on that scale!


People that may not know what I am doing – are naturally asking what I am doing and I excitedly tell them.


I have also noticed that my tolerance for stress has improved.  This week I was even in a car accident and even though my son who is autistic was freaking out completely for a long time – I was still able to remain calm and reassuring.  I am not prone to freaking out but on the inside I feel like I am having a panic attack when he freaks.  Not this time though – I calmed him down and we still went out and had fun with some friends of ours.  It didn’t ruin our day and plans.


So how was my progress this week?  I lost another pound this week for a total of 9 pounds in 4 weeks.  I am happy with that – before this process started I didn’t think I would be – but I totally am.  I have bought new jeans already and feel great.


Overall 9 pounds in four weeks is still good and an average of more than 2.25 pounds per week.  I am to the point where I am noticing my clothes are starting to get much more loose.

Now – I am off to begin a new week and I am so excited.

You can follow my progress HERE


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