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Sleep Mask Purefly Natural Silk Eye Mask #purefly

Sleep Mask Purefly Natural Silk Eye Mask


Sleep Mask Purefly Natural Silk Eye Mask


Are you not sleeping well at night?  Do you feel like your sleep is constantly getting interrupted?  If yes to either or both of these questions then READ ON!


This Purefly sleep mask is super soft and is comfortably held tightly to my face.  It even comes with a set of ear plugs to block out any unwanted noise – no more visual or audible sleep disturbance.  The mask has an elasticized adjustable head strap that can be adjusted to whatever is perfect for me.  It wraps around the back of my head and holds the mask securely in place.



This set is perfect for meditation, travel, naps and more.  This mask is so silky soft and very comfortable to wear.  I find I am sleep so much more soundly without any type of visual distraction.  The set does also come complete with earplugs but I don’t use those – for us we use a white noise machine and that works perfectly.  The mask is secured with an elasticized head strap for added comfort.  I really need to purchase another one for my daughter.  She could really use some assistance to sleep through the night.  There is no pressure on my eyes – just the silky comfort which is perfect.  I also listen to calming and relaxing recordings occasionally and the ability to block out anything extraneous is extremely helpful to take advantage of it fully.


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