Energizer EN100 Direct Plug-in Power Inverter #Energizerinverters

100 Watt Power Inverter



Get the most out of your electronic devices with this Power Inverter


This Energizer Ultra compact DC to AC 100W Direct Plug-in power inverter is convenient with no additional wires or assembly required.




It has a pivoting head which allows us to adjust it easily no matter what vehicle we are in – Truck, car, compact car – anything.  It is perfect for our long trips – I can still do my blogging while my husband is driving since it can fully charge my laptop.  It also can keep the kids devices charged which makes for peaceful trips.  We are working on planning a driving trip to Disney.  Those devices are definitely going to need to be kept charged!




The built in USB Charger has enough power to run any iPad, iPhone or Android device such as a Samsung Galaxy, Sony, HTC, LG, Nokia, Motorola, and more so definitely plenty of power to charge the kids devices on a long trip.   I am looking forward to a nice peaceful trip.


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