Cellulite MD – Bathing Suit Season Is Just Around The Corner #cellulitemd

Cellulite MD


I dread this time of year – Bathing Suit season is just around the corner and I am never ready for that no matter what.  It is inevitable though – we camp six months per year and with camping comes pools, beaches, waterfalls, cliff walks and more.  I don’t believe the answer is a wet suit – though I must admit to having seen the benefit of one…




My skin is definitely nothing like it was when I was in my 20s.  Years of raising kids, spending tons of time outdoors, weight loss, weight gain and more have wreaked havoc on my skin.  I need something to tone my skin up and eliminate the dimpling in my skin and the general composition of my skin.




I have only been using this for a little while but I plan to use it all the way up to swimsuit season.  Now I am not a bikini wearing mama… Even if I was a skinny mini – I couldn’t possibly wear a bikini – that’s just who I am.  Nothing wrong with other people wearing them but we are a little more on the conservative side.


I am looking forward to minimizing the cottage cheese dimpling and the orange peel look.  Cellulite MD is a clinically proven formula with multiple active ingredients to combat cellulite in the most effective way.  It is tightening up my skin and toning it while also relieving fluid retention.  Plus it has ingredients to stop the cellulite long term with ingredients to strengthen connective tissue to prevent bulging and dimpling.


For the first time in a long time, I am now looking forward to our time outdoors.  You can purchase some Cellulite MD for yourself HERE!


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