Healing Sandalwood and Matte Gemstone Necklace #Loveprayjewelry

Healing Sandalwood and Matte Gemstone Necklace

Healing Sandalwood and Matte Gemstone Necklace


I love color and this Healing Sandalwood and Matte Gemstone Necklace is a great way to add color to my day as well as soothing energy from the sandalwood.




The healing aromatic sandalwood has 108 bead malas and they wrap around my wrist four times when worn as a bracelet, and they can also double as cool mid-length necklace.




These gemstones have a matte finish, giving the piece, a very understated modern look. They are comfortable on the wrist, as sandalwood has a very soothing energy.




I have the amethyst design but it is also available in rose quartz, adventurine and amazonite.




The amethyst design is a 108 bead mala necklace or wrap bracelet, made with genuine matte amethyst, matte hematite and aromatic Sandalwood with a Tibetan capped pearl.




These bracelets/necklaces are gorgeous, comfortable to wear and calming.  I love the beauty and simplicity.


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