Vita-C-Whip™ Whipped Vitamin C Serum / Lotion #VitaCWhip

Vita-C-Whip™ Whipped Vitamin C Serum Lotion


Vitamin C Serum

This Vitamin C Serum / Lotion is a premium 3 in 1 serum.  It is a serum, moisturizer and exfoliant that also includes antioxidants of vitamins A, C, E and green tea extracts.  This combination hydrates, moisturizes, protects my skin and encourages skin repair and healing.




It is clinical grade potency with just the ingredients I need and for a better price than expensive store brands.  It is also fragrance free and for me that is critical – any added fragrances cause an issue with my allergies.




This product is a silky “whipped” base that feels great and goes on smoothly without feeling heavy.  It is perfect for my dry skin and it is also good for oily skin and combination skin.  This serum is cruelty free, cGMP, dermatologist certified and made in America.


The container is a nice glass container (not plastic) with a pump.  It has a nice light smell and feels great when applied.  Best of all my skin looks brighter and healthier and it doesn’t bother my allergies at all.

It is listed for $34.95 on their store.  We are a Cruelty Free, cGMP, Dermatologist Certified, and a Made in America company.

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