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Toogli Stroller Hooks


You would think using a stroller makes carrying things easier – besides the baby/toddler.  But that isn’t the case.  It seems strollers are designed with just enough room for the stuff the baby needs and except for perhaps a cup holder – nothing mommy needs.  And if you have multiple little children – then that stroller is totally loaded up and decked out with “stuff” and there is no more room.




The entire ordeal can be made easier with the Toogli Stroller Hooks.   I no longer need to struggle with a loaded up stroller and then shopping bags, stuff for the older kids etc… Of course I don’t have little children any more but I do have grandchildren but the idea is the same for sure.




These hooks are designed to fit any size stroller – and we have several sizes.  They are very large and very strong made of aircraft grade aluminum.  I even use them when not using a stroller – they are very handy to help carry all the grocery bags into the house from the car.  And with three flights of stairs – I need all the help I can get.  It seems the older children always seem to disappear when bags need to be carried into the house.


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