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Top 10 Tips for Working Moms PLUS Giveaway #ad

Top 10 Tips for Working Moms


Did you know, according to ResourcefulManager online, women are now the primary or co-wage earners in nearly two-thirds of all American families? In stepping into these critical economic roles, ladies have continued to excel at all levels of higher education as well. Between 1994 and 2012, the number of high school females going on to college jumped from 63%to 71%. Ultimately, this seems to be some indication that education and workplace barriers against women are being broken down, slowly but surely.  In order to ensure the goal of gender equality in the workplace is met, however, we must acknowledge the contributions of the many working moms and female dynamos we know. After all, these ladies don’t simply exceed expectations to be the best at what they do. Actually, they represent a dramatic shift in typical gender roles. Just generations ago, these same women lacked rights and were often considered the property of their husbands and fathers.

Boise Paper, a division of Packaging Corporation of America (PCA), celebrates the many working woman heroes among the engaging, inquisitive professionals of the company. Since Boise is in the business of making quality paper goods, they have even created inspirational cards for consumers and fellow employees to give out to their favorite female professionals. The cards are meant to encourage busy working moms and thank each special lady for empowering their gender as a whole. This Boise Paper initiative ramps up in March, just in time to celebrate Women’s History Month.

Those of us sitting at home can also do our part for gender equality. As the old adage says, money does indeed talk. If you want to support ingenuity and hard work in another form, consider supporting some of your local female-owned businesses. Not only do these enterprises stimulate economic growth and increase the variety of consumer choices. Actually, you are rewarding the entrepreneurial spirit when you support such a unique venture. Whether you realize it or not, your socially conscious purchase may make it that much easier for a little girl you know to become a business owner when she grows up.

Now that you are keenly aware that working moms make the world go around, take the time to appreciate these dynamic ladies each and every day. Even a handwritten note or a fun-sized candy bar could provide just the motivation a gal needs to press through a busy day and meet her full potential. Plus, the more we encourage the working moms of today, the more likely they will be to encourage their own daughters and loved ones.


Top 10 Tips for Working Moms

1.  Stay organized with a paper planner – Outlook and calendar apps can be very useful, but too often your phone has other tasks to tend to like entertaining bored kids.  Get a paper planner with room to track all of the deadlines for your various roles and keep you on top of an always-growing to-do list.
2.  Bring that professional mindset to your home and family life.  Map out goals for the month and year that benefit and strengthen you and your family.  When a goal is met, give yourself a reward.  Goals can be based on fitness, nutrition, homework, organization, etc…
3.  Set expectations at work – Establish your professional limits with your employer and teams.  Discuss how you will handle a sick child or a school emergency before it happens to limit confusion and stress.
4.  Embrace your lunch breaks – One hour each day without family or work responsibilities is one hour you can spend focused on yourself.  Take a walk, call a friend or shop across the street!
5.  Make technology your secret weapon – Apps like WebMD, Mom Maps and Peekaboo put a world of knowledge in your pocket and let you get advice, find activities and chronicle important moments while on the go.
6.  Make mornings meaningful – Even if you’re retired, planning ahead in the evening is a step you will never regret taking in the morning.  Take 20 minutes to review your next day’s meetings, pack lunches and set out clothes for yourself and your kids before turning in for a more calm and easy start to your day.
7.  Maintain a regular routine – Routines will help you and your children know what to expect day to day, lessening the possibility of a meltdown.
8.  Find quality child care – Whether it’s an all-day facility for your young children or a babysitter who can simply drive kids from point A to point B, treat your child care interviews like job interviews.  Hiring someone you trust and rely on will give you peace of mind when you’re away.
9.  Think outside of the box for school fundraising – Box Tops for Education™ is a great way to raise money for your kid’s school.  You can get them from cleaning supplies, food items and office supplies like Boise POLARIS® papers!
10.  Let go of your guilt – Although it is a challenge to leave your kids all day, or even part-time, it does not define who you are as a parent. Acknowledging the difficulty and focusing on the benefits of your career will help you say goodbye to the guilt.



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