Improving Health and Wellness in the Workplace

  • Improving Health and Wellness In The Workplace
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  1. Drink water, get enough rest, try not to bring work home with you and bring packed lunch. The one thing that gets people in the wrong direction is the chips and unhealthy food they buy at the nearest convenience store.

  2. As a professional I spent a lot of time ‘doing lunch’. I realized I never had time during the day to clear my mind. When I decided to cut that down to no more than twice a week I also decided to bring my lunch on the other days. My goal was not to save money, but I was surprised to see how much money I saved and how much healthier those lunches were. I also found that since I enjoy cooking I would really get into what I was going to bring and the planning and preparing those meals was very relaxing for me.

  3. Working parents spend most of their time at work, we need to improve our health and wellness with time spent. We need that extra power to deal with after we get off work and be with our kids at home.

  4. Elizabeth O. says:

    I normally have packed lunches because I tend to eat unhealthy and those lunches make me eat better compared to the food that I buy outside. It’s important to eat healthier, definitely!

  5. Milena says:

    Meal planning is helpful. I think that is a huge part of staying healthy at work.

  6. Amanda Love says:

    When I was in the military it was really tough. I was out the house by 5:30 every day and back home around 7pm. I had no time to do anything and ate out A LOT. However I did drink a LOT of water. That surely helped I’m sure.

  7. Jojo Vito says:

    its nice that Health and Wellness in the workplace are now being discussed. I think most companies have some program which addresses this issue 🙂

  8. Jelli says:

    I love walking and biking to work. Makes me feel invigorated once I get to my desk.

  9. Important for good health physically and mentally.

  10. Rosey says:

    Our kids do eat what we are eating, lol. Smart to eat healthy. I used to buy lunch but now I’m packing too.

  11. doran says:

    I love your advice on eating healthy. So many times I get lazy and don’t bring a lunch which ends up with me at the corner deli grabbing a diet coke and a bag of chip! I have to get better at making healthy choices. I applaud yours.

  12. Emma white says:

    I plan out our meals and have a healthy balanced meals

  13. Loriann Cargill Bustos says:

    I have actually worked from home since 2009 and my struggle lies in maintaining a healthy home/work balance!

  14. Taking quick breaks to get up and walk around seems to work wonders for me. I get up and walk around for about 5 minutes every 2 hours or so.

  15. So important to improve health and wellness at the workplace! I am lucky to work from home so food and exercises are a part of my daily routine!

  16. Aurora says:

    I would definitely stand every 30 minutes of sitting. Also, I would wear comfortable shoes so that I could walk around the campus halls every day. I would also go to the gym before school starts. That fruit thing you mention is a very good idea.

  17. Drink plenty of water, take vitamins, keep a balance diet, meditate and try not to stress yourself….

  18. Mhaan A. says:

    Keep hydrated, have a healthy diet,enough rest and stay happy is the key for a healthy living. Thanks for this post!

    Mhaan |

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