How to Avoid SPAM in Your Email Inbox

How to Avoid SPAM in Your Email Inbox


I don’t know about you but I find that occasionally I need to complete some form or other that requires an email address.  I used to have an email address just for “junk” mail but that went away.  I really don’t want all that extra mail to be in my inbox every day and I don’t want to have to remember with each solicitation – to unsubscribe.

That can all be solved by setting up a temporary email address through Email On Deck.  There are other temporary services out there but this one only allows the emails to be viewed by you.  The email addresses are very temporary – sometimes for only an hour.  But it easily keeps all the SPAM out of your regular email box.

Signing up for a temporary email is very easy – simply click a box proving you are not a robot, then click a button to receive your temporary email address.  Easy as can be and the SPAM stays out of your regular email inbox.


  • June S.

    (How to Avoid SPAM in Your Email Inbox) This is always a good thing to know, I have to go through all of my emails and junk mail to weed out the garbage every now and then.

  • Karen Glatt

    This is what I need to keep unwanted emails out of my inbox. It takes so much time to go through all of them! I will have to check out the Email on Deck.

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