Do You Suffer From Jet Lag? There Is A Solution

Do You Suffer From Jet Lag There Is A Solution


Beat Jet Lag


Sometimes when I think about traveling I get anxious.  Traveling can really give me such jet lag that it takes days to recover – and we travel a lot.  Most of our travel occurs between April and October so we are headed into that season.  I sometimes feel like we are constantly running for six months a year and it literally takes me the other six months to recuperate from all the jet lag …


But now I am finding that there is a solution to Beat Jet Lag and I am dying to share it with you.  There is a product called the Human Charger.  This Human Charger is based on all the theoretical evidence that shows the blue-enriched white light is not only desirable but pretty necessary for our health.


The Human Charger is a set of LED earbuds along with a device that sends UV-free blue-enriched white light through the ear canals to the light sensitive regions of the brain.  This light therapy can be maximized in just 12 minutes per day.


Not only do I want this for the beginning of our traveling season but I also want it for my daughter who has a disability and really has difficulties getting moving in the morning and staying awake at school.  Maybe, just maybe… using these when she starts to become exhausted at school will be helpful.  Just a thought.  Instead of going to the nurse and sleeping for 2 hours maybe she could go to the nurse and use these headphones for 12 minutes then get back to class.  The Human Charger is available from Amazon.

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