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WellBelly Probiotics For Infants and Kids #wellbelly



Kids need assistance from probiotics just as much (sometimes more) than adults.  WellBelly offers a unique blend of eight different non-dairy probiotics.  This combination assists with intestinal, digestive and immune system health in infants and children.




This blend does not have any lactic acid making it easier for children to digest.  Unfortunately in today’s society children tend to have a diet which is higher in processed and refined foods than in previous decades and generations. We try to limit exposure to those foods but we are constantly on the run from one place to another and inevitably we eat less than wholesome foods far more than I’d like.  As a result my daughter in particular has suffered from some imbalances that have made her quite uncomfortable.  WellBelly to the rescue!  She also has many sensitivities and WellBelly is dairy and gluten free!

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