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Simply Klever Silicone Rings




Well I am sure you are all wondering just what this is about?!  The concept is quite good – a ring that is safe…  Now some of you may ask – how can a ring not be safe?  Well, that I will answer in a moment and it is quite the story.  BUT, I will start with another person’s story.


When I was 19 years old I worked as a night manager at a Hotel.  Yes, I was young and it was an awesome job.  I met so many amazing people – lots of celebrities… It would easily take me a day to tell you about all the stars I met – and some I wish I hadn’t.  I also met the most incredible “normal” people – people just going about their lives and they all have stories and have helped to make me who I am.


There was this electrician – we will call him Archie.  He was older – of course at 19 just about everyone was older – and he was a very mellow grandfatherly-like person.  He didn’t spend a great deal of time talking but when he did, he was very interesting.  One night he very calmly walked up to me (keep in mind I was 19) and literally had almost lost his finger.  He was working in the hotel gym rafters and the ladder fell.  When he went to grab for the rafter it caught on his ring.  The first aid kits were not fully stocked, supplies were limited and it was the middle of the night.  He handed me a roll of electrical tape and asked me to tape it together until he got to the hospital.  And oddly, the entire time he and I were dealing with his finger – I had this strange thought that I knew this would happen to me someday.  I was 19, not married, not even engaged and didn’t wear rings… But I had this overwhelming sense of – pay attention because this is important.


Now about me… I never take my rings off.  Never did and never will (almost).  Twice, I was doing manual labor in the yard, slammed my ring finger and lost the diamonds.  I have broken my fingers more times than I can count.  Yes, my husband tries to be very patient.  Even when those things happened, it never stopped me from wearing my rings everywhere and any time.  My husband did take my ring at one point and add a stronger setting as well as two smaller settings for sapphires in hopes of protecting the diamond.  The settings of my ring have survived for the last 17 years unharmed…


However, ten years ago I was taking one of my dogs out to go to the bathroom.  I had one of my children with me and had just gotten off crutches (story of my life – seriously).  My dog started to take off and I was grabbing for whatever I could to brace myself since my legs were still not reliable.  Hmmm, not the best idea on all counts.  My husband insisted I should not take the dog out and to wait for him to get home – of course I knew better.  My husband had a job interview to get to – yeah he missed the interview…  What I grabbed was the antique door hinge – it caught on my rings and made a terrible mess.  I wear three rings – my engagement ring, my wedding band and my grandmother’s wedding band.  Those three rings nearly broke my arm and did do some major damage to my finger.  I will say – I am very thankful I did not lose my finger.  When it happened I screamed (of course) and immediately threw my hand in my pocket.  I was sure I lost my finger and did not want my daughter to see the mess.   I sent her upstairs to get my brother in law while I looked around for my missing finger.  Turns out I did not lose my finger but I did “deglove, break, and crush” by finger.  Let me tell you it hurt as badly as it sounds.  Actually, it wasn’t incredibly painful for a few hours – what did hurt is trying to get the rings off.  They had to be cut off and it takes a tremendous amount of effort for someone to cut three rings off of a mangled finger with a conscious patient.  I seriously could not figure out how I was not just passing out – on tv they pass out!  The triage nurse (a big strong guy) kept losing his grip and sending my hand flying against a wall.  You could tell he was getting very stressed but he was trying very hard to remain calm.  The triage center was covered with blood.  Yes, I do have pictures – lots of them and don’t worry – I will not post them.  But we took pictures because we were sure that was the last time I would see my finger…  The next couple weeks were horrid with cleaning, soaking and covering every couple hours.  I didn’t cry when it happened, when they repaired it or at any time other than when I had to go through that process of cleaning every day.  It was so painful trying to remove the dressings and no matter how hard I tried – yup, cried every single time…


Three Rings


We did save my rings but it was literally two years before I even had them repaired.  I never even cleaned them for the two years – just threw them in a baggie and stuffed them in a box.  I never thought I would actually wear them again.  But I finally did clean them and decide to repair them – if only to give to my youngest daughter when she grew older.  All three rings and my finger are just fine, remarkably.  No one expected me to gain range of motion back – but it is perfectly fine – better than other fingers I have broken in fact.


Now the problem is I still don’t like to go without my rings.  I will if I am really nervous because from April through October we are always outside doing stuff like cliff walking, hiking, skirting across waterfalls etc… This last summer I was climbing across a waterfall and jumped from one rock to another – lost my footing and landed knuckles down on the boulder below.  Cut up my hands on my rings again but the rings didn’t get damaged.  But seriously – all these things are exactly why my friends tell me all the time I need to write a book…


The solution is the Simply Klever Silicone Rings.  They are designed to replace a wedding band when someone cannot wear one, medical reasons, injuries, or to keep their traditional ring safe while out living life.  This ring is lightweight and thin while continuing to be strong and resilient.  It is comfortable and can stand up to anything.




With these rings I no longer have to worry – I just put one on when I am going to engage in “dangerous” activities.  In my life though “dangerous” is a relative term.  This ring is great for athletes, chefs, therapists, firefighters, manual workers and more.




My father is a retired electrician.  I never once remember seeing him wear a wedding band because of his work.  This would have been an excellent solution for him.


This ring is inexpensive but safe!  You can rely on the Simply Klever Silicone Rings!


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One thought on “Simply Klever Silicone Rings #Simplykleversiliconering

  1. Matt Reed says:

    Hi – my wife recently bought me a set of the black and grey rings for me before a vacation we were going on. I absolutely love the rings! However, I’m pretty bummed as I was wearing the grey ring to unload suitcases and car seats for our trip and the ring broke and fell off my finger. I didn’t bring the black one not my actual wedding ring so I looked like a single dude the entire trip and I couldn’t keep the ladies away! (Ok, that last part about the ladies isn’t true..). Anyways, the reason for my contact is to check on the lifetime guarantee that is mentioned on the insert that comes with the rings. I’m now wearing the black ring but would really like to have the grey one too. Would the guarantee cover replacing the grey ring? Or, would you be willing to send me a replacement? I will definitely spread the word about your product and service to my friends, family, colleagues, and clients. Thanks In advance for your assistance!
    Ps. The purchase order is probably under my wife’s name, Jackie Reed

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