Anjou Aromatherapy Essential Oils – Diffuser/Gift Set #Anjou

Anjou Aromatherapy Essential Oil DiffuserGift Set



My life is incredibly busy and hectic – work, horses, kids, dogs, in laws, work, blogging and more work.  When I can finally relax, I really want to relax.  The Anjou Aromatherapy Essential Oils – Diffuser & Complete Anjou Essential Oils Gift Set is the perfect solution.


Anjou Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser


This diffuser has a larger capacity than many others out there – it holds 300ml and allows use up to eight hours.  There is an auto shut-off when the water runs low so I never have to worry about it running dry and overheating etc…


Essential Oils
The diffuser has seven color changing LED lights and each of the colors has a bright and dim mode.  I have been using this up at our camper and it is perfect.  The gift set comes with six essential oils and the camper smells great at all times.  It has a very spa like feel about it.


The Anjou Essential Oils  are 100% certified pure therapeutic grade quality.  No pesticides, herbicides, fillers, GMO or additives.  The oils are even stored in temperature controlled rooms, with minimal light, to ensure that therapeutic properties are not compromised.


This diffuser and the gift set with essential oils can easily lift my mood, relax my kids before bed time and make everything smell terrific.  By the time we go to bed all stress is gone.  An added bonus is that our camper no longer has that “closed up all winter” smell.


The essential oils can also be used without the humidifier – mixed into shampoos, lotions, bathwater etc… Sometimes when we leave the camper on Sunday nights I dab a couple cotton swabs in my favorite oil – place a cotton ball in each room and when we return the following Friday the camper smells awesome.  There is even a specially boxed essential oil set for Father’s Day.


My husband uses the diffuser by itself beside the bed as a small humidifier – so yes it works perfectly even without the addition of essential oils.  It runs pretty quietly.
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