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Home Chef Gourmet Meals Made Easy

Home Chef Makes Gourmet Meals Easy


Home Chef is a meal kit delivery service.  It has been based in Chicago but they are now making their service available nationwide.


Home Chef Kit


This subscription service ships fresh ingredients and chef created recipes right to your door.  These meals are determined based on the taste profile you set up.  For me, I am not a huge fan of beef – in fact I would never buy it at all and very rarely cook it.  But vegetables and chicken are much more my thing.


Packages ready to make


You can select what number of meals you’d like as well as for how many people.  The packages arrive and have almost everything you need.  For example they don’t have salt, pepper, olive oil – basic ingredients.  Everything arrives in perfectly portioned packages for the recipe and very clear, step by step instructions.  The instructions indicate what type of pans and kitchen utensils you need, what additional ingredients, how much time the recipe takes, what level of difficulty and more.


The ingredients all arrive in a perfectly cooled, well sealed box so there is no spoilage.  The instructions are so clear and I feel like if I can do it – anyone can do it.


Getting ready


And next thing you know you have a dish that looks like it was prepared by a personal chef!


Recipe Complete


I highly recommend Home Chef for at least a couple nights a week.  The ingredients are fresh, the recipes are delicious and your family and friends will be so impressed with your culinary skills!


For us, we are busy with work, school, after school activities, horseback riding, lessons and more.  Home Chef allows me to still have a really awesome meal without eating at 10pm!  We still get to eat at a decent hour when all ingredients are all in one place, perfectly portioned and ready to go.  This is the perfect solution – no more resorting to bowls of cereal for dinner!


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