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Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals Allow Me To Enjoy Life With My Kids #AdventuresInMotion #IC #ad

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Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals


When I was younger I could ride on or in anything.  In fact I really really wanted to become an Navy pilot – more than anything else in the world.  Nothing scared me and nothing ever got me sick.


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But then around the age of 40 different activities seemed to bother me more and more.  Crazy amusement park rides were the first to bother me; then water slides; now even ferris wheels and carousels.  Seriously… Carousels!  I can ride a real horse no problem but put me on one of those plaster horses that goes up and down around in a circle – HUGE problem.


Carousel Fun


With Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals we can head out on our exciting excursions and even I can join in and not sit on the sidelines.


When did this struggle become real?!  When our oldest two children were around 16 and 18 – we went to Six Flags.  That was the last trip that I went on the “cool” rides.  After that (until now) my kids would constantly tell me that I used to be a cool mom.  I became the mom that stood on the sidelines holding all their amusement game winnings, beverages and bags.  Not nearly as much fun as everyone else seemed to be having.  Anyway this trip was memorable – the major amusement rides had opened and the first thing we went on was a roller coaster that went round and round, upside down and under a tunnel with misting water.   I was nauseous the second the ride started but once I was slapped in the face with the mist … Good thing we were in a dark tunnel – no one behind me knew who the sick rider was!


Dramamine Non Drowsy Naturals Box


Dramamine®, the #1 pharmacist recommended brand for treating and preventing motion sickness, offers Dramamine ® Non-Drowsy Naturals.  I use Dramamine ® Non-Drowsy Naturals and find it to be quite effective and works so much more effectively than upset stomach remedies.  Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals prevents and treats nausea and vomiting without the drowsy side effects through a clinically tested dosage of ginger.  I have used products before that sort of work – but then I need to lay down for four hours to sleep off the side effects.  Not anymore!


Dramamine Non Drowsy Naturals Bottle


So now I can manage the amusements and even boat rides on the ocean with the help of Dramamine ® Non-Drowsy Naturals!


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