A Horsey Weekend – All Weekend Long

A Horsey Weekend


Our Horsey Weekend started Friday night after work.  We started running right from the time we left work through 4pm today.  One thing after another – nonstop.


We already own a horse for our daughter – she has been riding for a little over a year and is pretty active in competitions.  She is still a beginner but rides often and has the drive to progress quickly.  But that is actually where this weekend ends so I will go back to the beginning.


Back to Friday – we have been looking for just the right horse for our son who is autistic for about three months now.  That isn’t a super long time and we really still weren’t in a rush but we had the weekend and some options came up so we made it a full weekend.  Our awesome stable owner trucked around with us all weekend long.


Fresian Cross


First we went an checked out a Fresian Cross in Rhode Island.  Let me tell you – this guy was gorgeous!  As far as flat out looks go – everything we were looking for.  But we were looking for a horse that could be used by our son (walk, trot, bareback and trails) but also my husband and I for pretty much the same stuff – perhaps eventually more.  This guy was alot of money (according to our standards) and he could walk just fine but wasn’t too happy about trotting but would eventually do it.  I am not sure our son would put that much effort into making the horse work and the result would be that he would stop progressing.   Since he started taking Qivana Detox Plus he has been making progress daily in every aspect of his life – we want to encourage that growth not halt it.  So, we moved on…


We started again bright and early on Saturday morning with a caravan of three vehicles – yes there was a reason for three vehicles…We needed at least two – but my husband had to continue on when we were done – he needed to head up to Maine and fix our camper. Never a dull moment.  Anyway – off to Massachusetts we went to check out a Percheron Cross.  Yes we are searching for big horses.  Anthony will do well on a large horse and he will be able to maintain his balance better.  Not to mention – we like big dogs and big horses.  This one was a really good price but quite old and has recurrent feet issues that require very expensive farrier work every 5 weeks and that still leaves him as ONLY a light duty horse.  Again that would be limiting Anthony’s growth – and yes, another gorgeous horse (didn’t get a photo of this one).  So, we moved on…


Ace and Jack


Next we headed to New Hampshire – this time we were checking out an older Belgian horse (on the right) as well as a Appy/Belgian cross (on the left).   They actually weren’t at all how they were described and not what we expected.  The Belgian needs quite a bit of work to his feet, legs and teeth.  The other seems to be doing pretty well.  They both walk, trot, canter (yes, they canter) and the appy/Belgian actually jumps!  They are new to riding since they were raised driving but they have huge potential.  So, you can guess where this story is going… Bill ran back up to New Hampshire this morning to put a deposit on them – can you believe it!


We finally got back from New Hampshire around 5:15pm on Saturday and still had to do all the prep for the show today.  Finally left the barn at 9pm after cleaning and braiding and making all the show horses perfectly beautiful – in bed by 11pm.  Then up at 4:30am to start again for show prep and travel – then a day at Tri-State.


A Great Day at TriState


Sephora did a great job.  This was the third of three events for Tri-State.  Sephora received two ribbons in the first – 2 8th place ribbons.  She didn’t place at all in the 2nd – yeah that was a very long day.  But today she placed 5th, 7th and 8th.  She was much more controlled and had good sportsmanship.  She may have done better if she hadn’t been so tired but there really wasn’t anything we could do to lessen the exhaustion this weekend.  But all goals were met this weekend and everyone is happy.


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