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A Horsey Weekend – All Weekend Long

  Our Horsey Weekend started Friday night after work.  We started running right from the time we left work through 4pm today.  One thing after another – nonstop.   We already own a horse for our daughter – she has been riding for a little over a year and is pretty active in competitions.  She.. [Read More]

Autism Therapy With Qivana Qore Detox Plus and How It Has Drastically Improved Our Lives

  In the Beginning   Boy have I got a story for you.  This fella is our 15 year old son.  He has autism among some other issues and it has impacted his life and all of our lives dramatically.  So let me tell you his (our) story.   Anthony is adopted and at the.. [Read More]

My Family’s Favorite Protein Powders – and My Personal Favorite!

This post contains affiliate links   We have always been a family who has loved protein powders – sort of!  You know, we love the convenience of them, the ability to add protein into our day, and hopefully the flavor.  But I swear we have spent a small fortune on protein powders that we just.. [Read More]