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Autism Therapy With Qivana Qore Detox Plus and How It Has Drastically Improved Our Lives

Autism TherapyQivana QoreDetox Plus


In the Beginning


Boy have I got a story for you.  This fella is our 15 year old son.  He has autism among some other issues and it has impacted his life and all of our lives dramatically.  So let me tell you his (our) story.


Anthony is adopted and at the age of 2 1/2 he couldn’t talk except maybe three words and really didn’t eat – he was on Pediasure and yogurt.  There really wasn’t much else we could do.  Eventually he started eating peanut butter sandwiches and a few other things but for years didn’t progress much farther than 5 foods.  By the age of 7 he could speak a bunch but never when he need to articulate an emotion and at the best of times – perhaps 5 words in a row then he really hit a wall.


The Teen Years


By the time he was 12 to 13 he started to catch up to his peers in size but we still struggled with aggressive outbursts and his inability to understand and control his emotions.  Then the last two years he has had hospitalization after hospitalization because his medications could not keep up with the changes being brought on by puberty.  His meds could not be changed on an outpatient basis.  The first few hospitalizations weren’t so bad but now they are heartbreaking.


That brings us to today – in April he was hospitalized again.  This time we were running out of medication options.  He had been through all of the current day medications without success.  Nothing was successful.  The doctors finally resorted to an older medication.  This medication definitely did help – but it was immediately clear that the side effects were far too severe to keep him on it.  But where were we to go?  We were devastated and even more felt sure we would end up with him going right back in to the hospital.


Time To Make A Difference


However, I immediately started him on Qivana Qore Detox Plus and that has made all the difference.  First I gave just one capsule a day and that really wasn’t too impressive or noticeable.  But then we needed to start decreasing this med – which is a three time a day medication.  With each decrease – I increased the Qore Detox Plus.  He is now on the lowest dose of that medication with one capsule of QDetox Plus in the morning and midday and two capsules at bedtime.  Most of the severe side effects of the medication are gone.  There is still one side effect but it is one we will have to tolerate because we can’t get rid of the med entirely.


So now we are at the lowest dose of this medication possible.  But not only are the negative behaviors and actions resolved – he has had huge gains since adding the QDetox Plus.  He now rides a horse – without falling off!  That may seem small but he has been riding for a year and would just plain old fall off sometimes – alot.  Now he can even ride bareback without stirrups.  He can dismount without landing on his bum.  He now even works at the barn a couple days a week – perhaps not as fast as some others but he takes pride in his work and how much he is helping.  I can ask him to do some chores and mostly he does them.  He no longer has bathroom accidents – yes he still had them occasionally until April.  He has become incredibly social and can engage in actual meaningful conversations – he still tells some fantastical stories but does seem to be a bit more grounded in reality.


We have seen him on many many meds.  This is the best and most functional he has ever been.  I can’t imagine going back to a life without Qivana Qore Detox Plus.



I did also put together this video testimonial in wicked hot temperatures on the third floor in our house – 107-110 degrees.  You can definitely tell I am hot in the video.  What you can’t tell is that unlike his pre-QDetox time, my son is sitting on the other side of the camera, eating and ice cream sandwich (and letting it melt all over) while intensely watching me.  BUT he was able to stand there and be completely quiet!  That never could have happened before.


Questions?  Ask Away…


Feel free to reach out with any questions.  You can email me at TheStuffofSuccess at gmail dot com or PM me on Facebook.  Our lives have totally changed – for the better.  In fact we have some big trips planned and until now they weren’t even possible to consider.  YAY!


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