RFID Theft Protection Pack #sayno2IDtheft

RFID Theft Protection Pack


This is the ultimate RFID Theft Protection Pack.  This pack contains a full 8 card sleeves (6 are top loading design sleeves and 2 are side loading discreet design sleeves), 1 passport sleeve as well as an aluminum wallet.




The aluminum wallet has 7 card slots.  It is sand & water resistant, and can be easily hidden. It has a slim design with rounded corners which make it comfortable in your pocket with a fast click button for opening and closing during everyday use. Use it as a wallet or a mini data safe in your bag or purse.




I recently found out that at one of my credit card providers were switching to the new RFID chip cards. So, I thought it would be a good idea read up on it. What I found out was pretty ingenious and scary at the same time. I found out that can be easier to steal the information from the card without even having to touch it.




There was a solution! The solution comes in the form of a small sleeve. These RFID sleeves act like a shield to prevent the small radio signal from activating the chip on your card. Your card simply slips into the sleeve and still fits into the card slot of most wallets or billfold.


Card sleeves and passport sleeve template


If you have recently found out that one or more of your credit cards will be switched over to the new chip technology, make sure you are protected from thieves.


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