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First and foremost – Webstore is an online marketplace that is FREE to sellers and buyers!  Okay so I could totally be done with this post right there.  Every other marketplace charges one or both – not here!  How is this possible?  Through support from advertisers and corporate sponsors who are able to display banners rather than charging fees.  It is like bringing a garage sale to the online world.


The Webstore works very hard to keep any type of fraudulent activity out of their marketplace.  One way they do this is to verify accounts.  There is a one time $10 fee to verify your account and you can do so with payment via paypal or even through the mail.  At that point a verification code will be sent.  I haven’t verified my account yet but do plan to.  I hope to begin selling some items very soon and having a verified account will be helpful for sure.



Items can be purchased or sold in all the major categories you are used to seeing in online marketplaces making the process very easy and familiar.  There are new as well as used items available – something for every price range.  I will also be doing some of my holiday shopping here – the prices are great and the site is easy to navigate.



Now be prepared – the site is heavily sponsored which allows services to remain free.  You will be asked things like would you like to place an ad?  Would you like to get verified?… etc…  But the flip side is there are no signup fees, no monthly fees, no insertion fees, no final value fees or commissions.  All the features of eBay, none of the fees.

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