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Is Healthcare a Human Right?





Healthcare is undeniably a basic need for every human being. But the truth is not everyone can afford proper healthcare for them and their family. The high cost of healthcare is the main reason why lots of people cannot afford it. It is even said that the poor and those with no health insurance should not get sick. So, does human right include healthcare?

Yes, basically, human right includes healthcare. This means that every person has the right to the attainable standard mental and physical health. The health care includes access to sanitation, all medical services, decent housing, clean environment, and also healthy working conditions.

  • The human right guarantees a high standard of health protection system for everyone.
  • Every person has the right to obtain healthcare as they needed and also access to proper food and also the healthy environment and housing.
  • The healthcare provided should be opened for the public which is equitable, financed and also publicly.

The healthcare provided involves clinics, medicines, hospitals, and also doctors’ services which should be available, accessible, acceptable, as well as of good quality for all. In addition, the healthcare should also be on an equitable basis which can be accessed whenever and wherever as needed.

The human right to health

The key standards of human rights should guide the health care system design. Therefore, all individuals can receive their human rights of health.

Universal access – the access to the health care should be universal and guaranteed for all. It should be comprehensive, affordable for everyone as needed.

Availability – the healthcare infrastructure such as hospitals, the health community, medicine, health equipment, and also services should be adequate. It should be available in all areas and in all communities.

Quality – all healthcare should be based on the appropriate medical procedure and of good quality. It should be provided in safe, timely, and also patient centered manner.

Acceptability – the healthcare providers and institutions should be responsive to the health needs according to age, gender, culture, patients’ abilities, and also language. Following the medical ethics as well as protect confidentiality is basic.

The procedural principles

The human right to healthcare should also entail the procedural principles which involve no discrimination, transparency, and also accountability. Healthcare should discriminate no one on intention based on someone’s ethnicity, race, sex, health status, disability, religion, nation origin, social status, and also income. It should be available for everyone who needs medical care. In addition, the information related to the healthcare should be accessible for everyone. So, that people will easily claim the healthcare service and protect their life. All institutions that involve in the healthcare provider including finance and health institution should be operated in a transparent way. Companies and institutions should be accountable to protect the healthcare right through enforceable regulations, standards, and also independent monitoring.

When the healthcare and the involved institutions maintain the health service according to the regulations and standards; the human right to healthcare is no longer a dream. Everyone can get the proper healthcare as they need. No on should suffer from endless pain just because they cannot afford the high cost of good healthcare.



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