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I am one of the least political people I know.  Seriously I border on apathetic.  However, I have paid attention to this particular election and like many Americans – my vote will be based on who I feel will do the least harm.  I am hearing that sentiment often and it is hard to feel otherwise.


This site is the perfect solution!  Which candidate will you fire!  Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?  Election day is almost here and the stress is mounting.  I swear my mother will single handedly have one of these candidates elected.





Voting at is free and after voting you receive a certificate.  You can share through Facebook and others can engage in the game.
This election is definitely going down in history.  The days leading up to the election and the days immediately following the election will hold many stories and much drama I am sure.  What I find most interesting about this election is the opinions of our youth – my children included.  They have strong opinions about the candidates and it will surely form their beliefs and opinions as they become eligible to vote.  I think this election will teach our children to take a stand and the low voter turnouts that our generations deal with will be a thing of the past. brings a little fun to the 2016 elections by engaging in the fantasy of firing the candidate causing a voter such stress. In many ways, it’s therapeutic.


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