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It Is Easy To Eat More Healthy With PlanetBox




Eat More Healthy With PlanetBox


I will start by saying I definitely need another one of these!  The PlanetBox is amazing and all that I’d hoped it would be.  My problem is that my daughter now likes to use it every day for lunch and I want t encourage that BUT I want it for my lunch.  Can you hear the fiddle playing… Naturally my daughter wins – for now.


About PlanetBox

The idea for PlanetBox was born from a desire to have a lunchbox that was all in one, but had separate compartments to keep foods neat and fresh. It needed to be easy to open and close, especially for little fingers. They wanted it to be durable enough to last for years to come, but flexible enough to stay fresh and current. And last but not least, it had to be easy to clean – making it dishwasher safe was a must.

PlanetBox is made out of non-toxic materials so it is a truly safe choice for families. Stainless steel works for foods – it’s safe, non-toxic, non-leaching, recyclable, and doesn’t pick up yucky food odors or stains like plastic does. And using a reusable lunchbox means creating a lot less trash!




From the outside the PlanetBox looks like a “normal” thin lunchbox – but it is SO MUCH MORE!




PlanetBox has many designs to choose from – we have the Launch Box.  The Launch Box allows for larger serving sizes and is perfect for us so we can put a salad in the larger section, cold cuts or fresh chicken in the medium sized compartment and whatever else we want in the smaller compartment along with a small container of salad dressing.




The salad dressing/dip container is perfectly sized.  It has a silicone cover and when the PlanetBox is closed it holds the cover on nice and snugly – no leaking.




We don’t have a dishwasher so it needs to be easy to clean and this definitely is.  They include a cleaning card with tips but really – this is the easiest thing to clean.  You really don’t need the tips.  The magnets can’t get wet – you figure that out quickly enough…




The PlanetBox bag has really nice zipper hardware and a strap so you can carry it over your shoulder.  For my daughter and I we tend to always be carrying a larger bag to work or school so we just slide this in.




There are decorative magnets to cover each section – remove them for washing.  When we remove them, we just stick them to the fridge and put them back on once the PlanetBox is dry.  The latch holds the PlanetBox securely closed.


What’s to LOVE about the PlanetBox


PlanetBox lunches create a whole lot less trash, which should help you sleep better knowing you’re doing your part to help the planet for future generations.

Safe Stainless

We take “non-toxic, non-leaching, safe from BPA, phthalates, and lead” very seriously – in fact, it’s why we designed PlanetBox! We don’t think you will find safer products on the market than ours.

Built to Last

This isn’t your childhood flimsy tin lunchbox. Our high quality stainless steel is warrantied for 5 years, and has been known to survive getting thrown off the school bus (not that we recommend that).

Great Design

When something actually works well, it makes all the difference. We spent years studying and living how people use lunchboxes. We thoroughly thought through all the details, so you and your kids get the joy and ease of using a superbly designed product.

Easy Cleanup

Dishwasher safe? Heck yeah. Peanut butter left for a week? No problem – our stainless steel doesn’t retain yucky food odors or stains like those unfortunate plastic containers do.


Whether you’re a rock star, a paleontologist, or a flower child, we’ve got a magnet set for you. And when you decide to become an astronaut or fairy lover next year, just change your magnets and you’ve got a fresh new lunchbox to suit your style.

Need some ideas for your PlanetBox?  No problem they have Meal Ideas too to help you out!

PlanetBox items are also available on Amazon.


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  • moto x3m

    My problem is that my daughter now likes to use it every day for lunch and I want t encourage that BUT I want it for my lunch. Can you hear the fiddle playing…

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