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My First Week In Review #PersonalTrainerFood

My First Week In Review #PersonalTrainerFood


This was my first week on the Personal Trainer Food plan and it was amazing.  So let’s discuss my week in review and talk about what I learned along the way.  First of all I really love eating this way and can easily seeing it become a way of life.  Protein and veggies are a real way to eat – no chemicals or preservatives and I just feel so much better.


Before I even started I set two goals for the first week – well they are really goals for my life but I didn’t want to wait to institute them.  The first was of course to follow the plan as best I can.  The second goal was to get on one of my horses.  As you can see from my feature image – I did get on one of my horses.  After riding him I decided I would much rather do some ground work with him for a couple weeks.  He was fine to ride but he needs some reassurance when people mount him.  He is getting better and has come a long way since we got him – I have no doubt he will become much better at it.  It just takes time.


As far as the plan – the plan is pretty easy to follow and I wasn’t hungry really at all.  I do feel like I could have done better this week though and I will explain why – and I am incorporating some changes for the 2nd week.  I will also be profiling my week in review each week.




Food arrived on 11/10.  Although I didn’t officially start my plan until 11/12 – I kept good choices in mind on 11/9, 11/10 and 11/11.  Therefore – no birthday celebration treats on 11/10 (not my birthday).  

Fasted on 11/12 and until 4pm on 11/13.  Since 11/13 was a big barn day and a huge workout for many hours, I just felt I needed something a little more substantial for supper.  Still the plan but not a clear liquid fast.  So for my evening meal I had the vegetables on my plan.

11/14 was another significant barn day and by the time I hit the grocery store at 3pm I hadn’t had breakfast or lunch.  Previously that would have meant a stop at McDonalds – but today I bought all my vegetables and some lean hamburger and chicken tenderloins.  I did buy some fruit for my daughter but not much else. I also picked up a pack of pre-sliced cheddar cheese and had four squares for a snack along with Land O’ Frost deli snacker – chicken.  That held me over until dinner time.

Lots of prep on 11/14 to make sure all my veggies were ready for the next several days.  I focused on red peppers, green peppers, yellow peppers, romaine lettuce, red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes.  Not to mention all the veggies with the program.  My daughter eats very much this way all the time with the addition of fruits so I had to make more than enough for her also to have some.  

11/15 First day at work on my weight loss plan.  The only hiccup was that I didn’t eat breakfast at home, then once at work I did not have time to eat so I had my breakfast for lunch along with my veggie salad.  


Going forward


This week I am making the following changes – I am sticking with just the plan foods with the addition of lean hamburger and chicken tenderloins when I am hungry.  I do keep deli meat on hand just in case I need something Grab and Go style.  But this week I am going to avoid cheese – I do think the hard cheese slices this week didn’t do me any favors.  I will also eliminate the ranch dressing on my salad and switch to more of a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.  I don’t care for that type of dressing to be honest – but hopefully I develop a taste for it.  I am also going to keep my salads a little more basic – I don’t have time for all that prep and couldn’t keep it up all week, making the end of the week a little more difficult.


Other things to note


I haven’t had any food so far that I didn’t like.  Next shipment I receive I need to be a little more strategic placing it in the freezer.  We have a chest freezer so all the breakfast ended up on the bottom; then lunches; then suppers on the top.  I need a way to store all three separately in the freezer.  Having said that it really doesn’t matter to me what order I eat my meals in a day.  In fact I love eating breakfast foods for supper.


I was not a huge bread person before I started – for example at home if I had a burger before, it was almost never on bread or a bun.  I love the basics.


What do I miss – fruits.  I do eat my apple a day but I miss things like bananas and oranges.


I am not weighing myself but I feel like I am doing well and my clothes are getting more loose – in fact I need to hem my work pants this weekend because they are apparently hanging lower.


So I am now off to the grocery store to start my plan for week 2!


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