Selfie Taking Wearable Bluetooth Speaker #shabaspeakers



This is one of the coolest Smart Accessories on the market today.  It is a little bluetooth speaker that also has selfie remote capabilities.  The diamond shape is quite classy and elegant.




This device is nice and small and easy to take with me wherever I go.  I can listen to my music wirelessly.  It has a neck strap so I can always have it with me or I can just as easily hang it on my purse, backpack or even put it in my pocket (my favorite especially when working at the barn).




It is small and completely portable and so lightweight it is barely noticeable.  For such a small speaker it puts out a really nice crisp clear loud sound.  This is perfect for when I am cleaning stalls and want some music – much more loud than my phone alone and plenty loud for me to blast it while working – making the work pass much more pleasurably.




I can even use it for hands free conversations on my phone.  My kids now definitely each one from Santa…  Santa may just make that happen for them.


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