The Ideal Jackets and Shrugs for Women This Winter 2016

Winters are finally here and it is that time of the year where shrugs, jackets and coats are in popular demand as they add an instant chic style to your wardrobe and fashion sense. Nonetheless, with the variety of winter wear present in the market currently, it gets really complicated to select which type is perfect for you. We have mentioned the best winter coats, women leather jackets and shrug designs below that are spotted in every fashion show of the season and are a must to have.


This winter, fashioners have launched a new variety of hues ranging from electric blue to black to green with beautiful over all fur. It is very important to pay heed to the buttons and length of this sort of coat for women. Short girls must for a shorter hip-length coat while slim women who wish to look a bit full should go for a double breasted coat.





Camel hair is being used since the 13th century and whilst some of the modern jackets and shrugs are created from the elegant and soft animal fibres, the popular tan tone of the camel hair is still in popular demand. Our top designers have launched amazing jackets for women this season to be worn in the form of topcoats that come with delicate pointy shoulders and also with soft drooping cuts.





Dogtooth, Tartan, squares and plaid designs have been seen in all ramp walks this winter. This season designers have given these geometric designs more of a masculine touch that has most remarkably been incorporated into gorgeous rainmacs, blazers, tailored overcoats, and Gladstones, made from wool to resist the harsh winds of winter.





This winter, darker black coats and shrugs for women have been spotted with large, soldierly like collars with two button lines. Whether you wish for the fabric to sway extravagantly about your knees just like the Dolce & Gabbana ones or want them to reach up to your upper thighs like the jackets designed by, your black coat is perfect for a modern street style look.




Women’s jackets, coats and shrugs are very much in fashion and stylists have created amazing looks like never seen before. You can also buy various jackets and shrugs online that are sure to make you the ultimate chic of the all your winter parties


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