Week #3 With Personal Trainer Food – More Energy #PersonalTrainerFood



This week was pretty comfortable to be on the Personal Trainer Foods plan.  There was really nothing too remarkable to note this week.  The biggest change that I feel is more energy and greater ability to focus and multi task.  Although the plan calls for increased walking – I am looking at beginning a bit of a fitness plan.  That actually seems kind of funny to even say considering how much physical labor I do on a daily basis taking care of 3 horses but I need to add other things in.


I was hoping to ride one of our horses this week but no one did much riding.  It rained for days – also making walking a little difficult on a daily basis.  We felt quite trapped and I am sure the horses felt trapped too.  This morning we are starting off with our first snow storm of the season.  It shouldn’t impact us too much today though because the snow will stop by 9 then it will warm up and be quite comfortable after school and work.


I am supplementing my Personal Trainer Foods with mostly chicken, eggs, lettuce and cucumbers.


If you’d like to join me using Personal Trainer Food – you can right now and get started on your new you asap!


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