What Makes a Malibu Beach Bag Even Better?




During the summer months we spend a great deal of time at the beach or pool.  We are always doing something and everywhere we go we need gear and snacks.  The Malibu Beach Bag is the perfect assistant to make sure we have everything we need at all times.


Well, sadly summer has come and gone and this bag is still the perfect bag for our family.  You see, we don’t just run around to the beach and pool – we spend more time away from home than we do at home.  This isn’t because of work (although of course that keeps us from home) but it is due to things like day trips, trips to medical appointments etc… But more importantly we are always on the run because we spend time at the barn across town every day where we board three horses.


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Owning three horses is a huge commitment.  Seriously far more than I’d ever imagined.  Sure there is the feeding and cleaning every day.  But that is after a long day of work and school for the kids.  After their afterschool program.  We leave the house around 7 in the morning and in the summer sometimes don’t get home til after 8:30pm.  In the winter months – usually around 7:30pm.  That isn’t possible without some sort of snack to hold the kids over til we get home.  It also isn’t possible unless I bring a change of clothes with me so I can clean stalls without wrecking my work clothes.




So for me this bag is STILL my favorite bag even in the winter months.  I have my daily change of clothes in the mesh portion of the bag – and plenty of snacks and drinks for the kids in the lower portion.  This keeps everyone happy until we get home and can actually sit down to a meal and take showers.


I encourage you to check out the Malibu Beach Bag – though calling it a beach bag really doesn’t fit my lifestyle.  I call it my “go” bag because it is the bag we always turn to.


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