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Life Sometimes Gets In The Way – But Start Again #PersonalTrainerFood



Start Again


As you know I have been working with Personal Trainer Food to get more healthy and change my diet into a much more healthy way to live.  One way I ended up in the rut that I am in is because we are always on the go and pretty much just turned to fast food when we needed to eat on our way to someplace else.


I had been doing so much better since started with Personal Trainer Food but the last week and a half derailed me a bit.  Before I go into detail, I can say I am back on track but felt pretty badly about getting derailed.  But in this case, life truly just got in the way.


A week and a half ago my son ended up in the hospital.  Physically he is fine but he had an allergic reaction to his medication and his body is so sensitive that he cannot be transitioned to a different medication on an outpatient basis – it must be inpatient.  But I still needed to visit him every day.  Then my husband was in Florida, while my son was in the hospital, for our other son’s graduation from college.  Yeah, timing is everything.  So most days my daughter and I would leave the house at 7am and not get home until around 9pm at least.  There was no way to avoid just grabbing something at some point.  My son needed us and the horses still needed us.  In fact there was one day I just couldn’t get to the barn to care for our horses so thankfully my friends all pitched in.  It is no easy task so that was a huge help.


Anyway, I swore when I started this process I would not “cheat” or get derailed.  But I think there is still a middle ground where I need to really just not have a panic attack over it.  My body physically did not appreciate the change from the healthy diet so I was anxious to get back to it and start again.


That is this weeks’ (two weeks) update.   Not what anyone was expecting for an update but it is what it is.


Once I returned to my diet, holiday parties were already starting.  For the most part they are buffet style where everyone brings something and I will share with you what I have been bringing and it has been a huge hit everywhere I’ve gone.


I go to the grocery store and purchase whatever fresh or frozen vegetables I want that are on my approved foods list – non starchy vegetables.  I use pearl onions, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, green beans, squash, peppers and more.  Just mix it all together and toss it into a crockpot – the greater the variety the better.  Add some water and cook on high for about three hours.  THEN (this is the important part) – drain the water and add butter into the crockpot for another hour.  Once the butter melts add seasoning.  The seasoning is critical – I use Red Robin Signature Seasoning.  Yes – straight from Red Robin but you can also buy it on Amazon.  Never had vegetables with this seasoning on it?  You are in for a huge surprise.  Let’s just say I hate green beans – and hate is not too strong a word for that relationship.  But now I love them!


Red Robin Signature Seasoning



If you’d like to join me using Personal Trainer Food – you can right now and get started on your new you asap!  Right now you can get $201.60 OFF a 28 day order.  This is the best deal of the year and the final cost is less expensive than regular grocery shopping!  You now have the best way to check out this plan.


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