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How To Easily Find Programmers For Your Company With Tests4Geeks



Do you ever have a need for a programmer?  I can think of so many times when a programmer would have been perfect to simply have at my fingertips.  I work in an urban public school district.  Urban is completely synonymous with poor.   Funding is very limited but needs continue to grow and grow.  Often we find that we are at a disadvantage because we can’t afford to have a programmer on staff.  But even if we could – where in the world would we find a programmer that could pretty much program in any “language” at all?  Probably not possible.




Even as a blogger I am often stumped by some need for a programmer in .html.  I can muddle through some things as I need to but for anything more elaborate – I am totally at a loss.  But not anymore – I simply just reach out to Tests4Geeks for an online coding test and I can get all my needs met.  This is the perfect resource for organizations that want to be at the front of their field but don’t have the funding for hiring additional staff members.




This service is so unique in that you can test the programmers online before you even invite them for an interview.  If successfully completed you can feel free to invite them for an interview and continue through the process.


So check them out – what have you got to lose?

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