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Planning for Success in 2017 #LifeSupplemented #ad

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Planning for Success in 2017 #LifeSupplemented #ad


Like many people I am not sad to see 2016 go.  It wasn’t a bad year but I am so excited about 2017 that I can barely contain myself.


I have two special needs children still at home and our lives have revolved around them.  In 2015 we started trying to really make our lives a little more “full” by spending a great deal of time exposing the kids to the real world.  We traveled to Florida for the first time with them – driving – and we all survived it.  That opened up a world of possibilities.  Never before had we driven more than just a day trip all over New England.


In 2016 we opened up the year with their first time flying!  Other than them barely being able to contain their excitement – it was a blast.  The rest of 2016 was devoted to their health and meeting the needs of their conditions and trying our best to make them the greatest version of themselves that they can be.  I do think we were successful to that end.


However, my health and wellness tended to take a backseat and 2017 is going to be huge for me, myself and I!


So here’s my plan in all its glory…


  • I already work out quite a bit every day because we own three horses and I put all the work into them each day.  That is true manual labor.  Some days I absolutely hate doing it but others I can’t wait because I know that is about all the activity I may see in a day.  So in 2017 I am going to get up a half hour earlier – that is a tall order since I don’t sleep much as it is – and do a work out.  I am working on mapping it out this week but it will consist of crunches, pushups, calf raises, lunges, jumping jacks and more.  My plan will become progressively more intense as time goes on.  I do have a treadmill but I get plenty of walking in while taking care of the horses.  I need to work on other programs and additions to my day.  And part of my fitness plan is to actually spend more time riding horses – I love them as companions but I really want to ride them and develop that relationship as well.


Planning for Success in 2017 #LifeSupplemented #ad


  • Focus on my work at work and try not to get sidetracked with everything else that is going on in my personal life.  I have a great team to work with (brand new team as of the new year) and we will be able to make some huge changes.


Planning for Success in 2017 #LifeSupplemented #ad


  • I am going to work to make my blog even more of what I want it to be as well as get my other blogs up and running again.  My blogs are my babies and I always can find ways to do what I do – better!


Planning for Success in 2017 #LifeSupplemented #ad


  • I have several other entrepreneurial endeavors.  I haven’t achieved tremendous success with them yet but to be honest I haven’t planned and set goals.  This year I am doing just that.  Daily goals, weekly, monthly and yearly.  Yup – more excitement!


Planning for Success in 2017 #LifeSupplemented #ad


  • I am focusing on my diet this year.  Each Sunday I will map out meals for the week and stick to them.  I will enlist the help of the kids to make us all successful.  They are now excited about helping me to help us and I am going to use that as much as I can.  My goal is to lose weight but more importantly just to be more healthy.  I don’t care how slowly the weight is falling off as long as we are eating more cleanly, very low sugar and lowering our carb intake.


Planning for Success in 2017 #LifeSupplemented #ad


  • While making all these changes – I will also add appropriate supplements to my day.  I want to be as healthy as I possibly can and the supplements need to be appropriate and complement my efforts.  More than 170 million Americans take dietary supplements each year, according to a survey from the Council for Responsible Nutrition.  The multivitamin is the most popular dietary supplement, with 75 percent of supplement users taking one, according to a 2016 survey from the Council for Responsible Nutrition.  Dietary supplement users are more likely to engage in other healthy habits, such as exercising regularly, and trying to eat a balanced diet, than non-users, according to a survey from the Council for Responsible Nutrition.  So clearly the addition of appropriate supplements to my day can only help my efforts and mindset!  There is no such thing as a perfect diet. Dietary supplements help fill nutrition gaps and promote overall health and wellness for the many Americans who cannot get enough essential nutrients from diet alone.


Planning for Success in 2017 #LifeSupplemented #ad


There you have it – my plan for 2017.  It is written down and set into my goal planner in manageable chunks so I can easily monitor my success or modify as necessary.   Feel free to join me in my efforts and we can all achieve success together.


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  • Echo

    I am glad that you are going to focus on yourself and your health more. I too, have made taking my vitamins and supplements a priority in 2017 to keep my anemia away!

  • Elizabeth O.

    It’s important to welcome the new year with positivity. It’s also nice to plan ahead and to know what you’re planning for in this new year. This is such a good read!

  • tauyanm

    thats a fantastic plan for 2017! i wish i can make myself have some supplements too. It is hard for me to take tablets/capsules coz i feel bad after having them. maybe i’ll find some powdered ones which is easier for me. Now I’m excited to write down my plans for 2017 too!

  • Rebecca Swenor

    It sounds like you have awesome goals for the new year. I have yet to write mine down but gave myself til the end of the week to do so. It is so important for us all to take care of ourselves first so we are able to take care of other. The me time is something everyone needs Thanks for sharing your goals for 2017.

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