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Family History Through Narratio Vitae (Life Story)


Sometimes, it’s downright uncanny how even distant relatives across time and space can mimic one another in certain ways–whether it’s an identical gesture, preference, or the fiery red hair that never seems to skip a generation. As the saying goes, the apple does not fall far from the tree. But just exactly how much do you know about this majestic tree and its fruit borne, i.e. the multigenerational story of life and loss leading to you? It’s easy to let questions about family lineage fall by the wayside but it is possible to own your family history. There is always something more pressing to address. Then, one day you suddenly realize the memories have faded. The keepsakes have been lost to time. Luckily, the technical research experts at Narratio Vitae (means “life story” in Latin) make clients’ families their passion. Each group of loved ones bears a unique story. It’s time to uncover the mystery and (maybe?) international intrigue surrounding you and yours.
Start by asking yourself a question: “Didn’t Great Uncle Lawrence witness the crash of the Hindenburg?” or “When did my ancestors first travel to America?” All it takes is a need to know and a few names to set the wheels in motion. Narratio Vitae prides itself on developing specific research plans for each and every client, based on unique questions and interests.The company offers five different service packages, some including the conducting of interviews with living relatives or the contracting of continued and future research. In essence, Narratio Vitae invites you to sit back and visualize the branches of your family tree blooming with uncovered secrets from long ago.
Narratio Vitae even takes the unraveling of genealogy one step further. Integrating any prexisting data with new information uncovered, Narratio Vitae publishes all the family records in the form of engaging narratives via an attrative blog. In this way, the information is easily accessible and able to be shared. The modern formatting of the information encourages younger generations to become invested as well.
The origins of your family tree may be more deeply-rooted than you ever realized. Take the first step in preserving your life story today. The genealogical experts at Narratio Vitae can turn fragmented memories into thoughtful narratives sure to delight your whole family.

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