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Sour Patch Grapes


I do everything I can to try to get my kids to eat more healthily.  It doesn’t take much effort with our daughter but our son is a whole different story.  He takes a great deal of effort.


Although I am not a fan of sour patch kids – it seems all kids are fans of them.  What could be better than making a healthy version with Sour Patch Grapes?  This recipe is quite easy to do – although I must admit mine didn’t come out as “pretty” as I thought they’d be but they taste delicious just the same.

The first step is to separate all your grapes from their stems and insert a toothpick.

What you need to flavor the grapes is powdered flavored gelatin.  We use Jolly Rancher Gelatin flavors such as those below.  We also used regular orange jello.

All you need to do is dip each grape into a dish of water then into a dish with the flavored powder.  It takes a while but it is so worth it.  You eat them either right away, once the gelatin dries, or best of all – store them in the freezer and grab some as you want them.

They are piling up

And they are done – ready to dive in!


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