Casey’s Corner – Walt Disney World and Making Our Own Macaroni and Cheese Dogs at Home! @Disney


We are huge baseball fans and there was no way we could ignore Casey’s Corner while at Walt Disney World!


Casey’s Corner carries all the American baseball favorites – hot dogs, corn dog nuggets, french fries, cotton candy and Cracker Jacks.


This eatery is a walk up, quick service type of dining experience but let me tell you the lines were incredibly long.  This quick service took a long time to get service because there were so many people.  Staff moved the lines along as quickly as they could and they were remarkably organized.


Their typical menu includes the following for entrees:



And snacks and beverages:



There is a huge difference between the regular sized hot dogs and the foot long hot dogs.  The foot long hot dogs are the really wide and thick (like keilbasa) foot long sized hot dogs.  They are simply huge.  And they are served on a thick roll – rather than a significantly smaller hot dog bun.  My sons ate theirs entirely but I barely made it through half!  That was definitely a struggle.



When we dined at Casey’s Corner they had the Macaroni and Cheese dog special.  The hot dogs were topped with macaroni and cheese and sprinkled with bacon.  What’s not to love!



Even though I wasn’t able to eat the whole thing – I loved it!  I couldn’t wait to get home and introduce the younger two of our children to a macaroni and cheese dog!



We made ours at home with some nice, regular sized beef hot dogs and a simple box of frozen macaroni and cheese.  Next time we will choose a cheesier cheese but for the first blush at this meal – frozen macaroni and cheese worked.  You can use either – it is entirely a preference.  We also sprinkled freshly cooked bacon (cut into small bits) on some and others were “naked” without bacon.


Next time I want to try it with chili AND macaroni and cheese – doesn’t that sound awesome!


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