4 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Clear Sports Mouth Guard for Basketball

Clear Mouth Guard is used to protect the players from damage to their teeth and gums during playing. Sports like baseball, basketball and wrestling can give a serious damage to your teeth if you are not watching out. Nevertheless, there are different kinds of clear mouth guard which protect your mouth in different ways, and also their costs are different as well.

These kinds are stock mouth guard, boil and bite mouth guard, and custom fit dental guard. You should wear a clear mouth guard every time you play, whether you are in an actual game or a training session. You can use boil and bite or custom fit dental guard that is your call.



  1. Provides Cushioning Effect Against Force

There are over 600,000 emergency room visits every year owing to the injuries resulting from sports. Mouth guards help avoid these injuries. They are claimed to be protecting the sportsmen’s smile during play and this is true. However, the level of protection depends upon which mouth guard you are using but in general all these can give you protection, some more while some less. What they do is to provide cushioning to your teeth against injury as they absorb the force and don’t let it pass on to your teeth which in this way are saved.



  1. Protects from Jaw Joint Injuries

A sportsman has 60% times more chance of suffering from injury than average person. According to an estimate, mouth guards save over 200,000 injuries every year. Furthermore, they protect the jaw joints from injury as they absorb most of the shock coming from the ball or any collision and thus the jaw joints are saved from this impact. Furthermore, they act as a wall against any coming force and thus prevent it to be passed to the inner mouth.



  1. Prevents Soft Tissue Injuries

Mouth guards protect the soft tissues by covering the sharp edges of teeth which in case are hit by ball can result in lacerations of the tissues on lips, cheeks, tongue and gums and can cause real damage. As putting on the mouth guards helps avoid this situation thus minimize the risk of tooth injury, fracture, or soft tissue damage. However, if you are using stock mouth guard it is very unlikely for you to have this benefit because it does not cover your teeth properly. Because they don’t adjust to your tooth shape and size which is the case with other mouth guards.



  1. Helps Reduce Concussion

As mentioned earlier, mouth guards absorb the shock. Not only that, they absorb the shock but also distribute it thus they can help alleviate the concussion. Furthermore, as teeth are claimed to be one of the most connected part of the body because they are connected with every organ through vessels, when they are protected from shock, the overall impact is also alleviated. In case of a concussion, sports mouth guards help reduce it because they distribute the shock and do not let it pass to the brain.

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