Looking For That Perfect Gift? Name a Star!


Have you ever been struggling over picking a great, unique gift? Wanted to get something really special, but somehow as always ended up with a plain and ordinary presents? A real game changer in your search for a perfect and unique gift!
As you know, our universe is vast and there is an uncountable number of stars. Throughout the centuries, humanity discovered and mapped many of them, and we still continue discovering them every day. And of course, each discovered star deserves a beautiful name.

Astronomers give stars numbers but we will not bother you too much with astronomic details, as you can find them yourself in books like “Planets in Transit” by Robert Hand or “The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology” by April Elliott Kent. You might find it helpful to book online meetings with professional astrologers and readers if you prefer one-to-one interaction to get all the answers. You can also get a good grasp on astrology by reading articles about what your zodiac sign is, trying to understand your birth chart and compatibility with other signs.

What if we say that you could name a star after someone (or something, you can choose any name you want). Interested? And talking about unique presents, this really the one! Just imagine having such an incredible celestial body like a star named after you, what an honor and what an incredibly cool feeling for those who receive it that must be!


So it is pretty obvious that you really can’t go wrong with such a present. It is thoughtful, beautiful, original, and will last forever. And guess what? We found the perfect site where you can go and name one, EstarRegistry . It is a site where you get a beautiful gift certificate with golden printed stars, name you give, star coordinates, and a personal dedication to the receiver. You will need to choose an occasion which the gift is intended for, one of zodiac constellations in which you want your star to be, all wrapped up in a luxury folder with little gold ribbon.
And even more you don’t have to bother with wrapping paper, a perfectly presented certificate will be conveniently delivered to your or your loved one’s doorstep.

We hope that we helped you with this unique gift idea, and saved you from buying an unoriginal gift. So be a star and name a star  to make someone special to you feel like the shiniest star in the galaxy!

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