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7 Healthy Snacks to Pack When Traveling


If you’re going for a road trip or flight to a distant place to have a vacation or business trip, you need to protect yourself from boredom, exhaustion, and hunger. Because chances are, you’ll be thinking of the next junk food to grab. Even when you’re away from home, you need to make sure not to indulge in poor snacks that’ll only leave you feeling bloated.  And since you will be eating snacks and traveling possibly for a great distance I highly recommend easing your stress by securing a car rental.  We used to drive our vehicles great distances but found life was easier by just renting the size vehicle we needed for extended travel and not worry about it.

Consuming healthy snacks is important to boost your energy levels, regulate your mood, and provide you with essential nutrients. These benefits will positively impact your trip and help you make the most out of it. In this article, we’ve listed 7 healthy snack box reviews for your journey. Check them out below.

  1. Carrot sticks

Carrot sticks make a convenient snack that you can immediately pack inside your bag. Simply peel baby carrots and slice them – and you’re ready to go! Carrots are so healthy that 1 cup of chopped carrots already provides you with nearly 4 grams of dietary fiber. Carrots contain high levels of vitamin A for healthy skin and vision, and beta carotene to regulate your blood sugar levels.

  1. Banana chips

Great tasting and easy to prepare, banana chips can be one of your best alternatives to unhealthy chips on the road that contain high calories and sodium. Days before you travel, get fresh bananas and make thin slices out of them.  Deep fry these thin slices. You can sprinkle a little salt and spices to add flavor. Keep them in an airtight container. Banana chips provide you with potassium to prevent you from feeling nauseated and fatigued while traveling.

  1. Pumpkin seeds

If you’re looking for a chewy snack that doesn’t require refrigeration, you’ll never go wrong with pumpkin seeds. Aside from providing you with a healthy dose of dietary fiber, pumpkin seeds provide your body with magnesium, an important mineral that’s responsible for creating more energy molecules (ATP), controlling your blood pressure, and supporting your immune system. That way, you don’t get sick on the road!

  1. Apple smoothie

To prepare apple smoothie, blend sliced apples, milk, yogurt, honey, and ice. Add some almonds. Store the smoothie in a bottle and consume it on your way to your destination. This healthy drink is perfect to beat the summer heat. It’ll provide you with vitamin C, protein, and antioxidants to keep your skin looking good, boost your immunity, and keep you fuller throughout the day!

  1. Sliced cucumbers

If you’re traveling during the summer, you’ll need a natural snack that’ll keep you hydrated. Choose sliced cucumbers. Of course, nothing can replace water to replenish your body. But if you want to consume vitamins and feel full at the same time, cucumber slices make a great option. They’re good for decreasing muscle and joint pain, reducing your cholesterol levels, and maintaining bone health.

  1. Greek yogurt

Unlike the traditional yogurt, Greek yogurt contains more protein which makes it a great snack if you’re going to travel for long, exhausting hours. This healthy snack is so creamy and tasty, plus it contains less carbohydrates. It’s perfect for health-conscious individuals on the go. If you want to add taste to Greek yogurt, pack some nuts and granola. Use them as toppings.

  1. Frozen grapes

Grapes are bite-sized, they don’t take too much room in your travel luggage! You’ll want to choose grapes not only for their satisfying taste, but also for their antioxidants which protect you from allergies, heart disease, cancers, flu, and diabetes. Freeze grapes before storing them in a Ziploc bag. The cool temperature will refresh your mind and body, especially on warm days.

Pack these 7 good-for-you treats and you’ll have a worthwhile, sickness-free, and enjoyable journey you won’t forget. These are great reasons to snack healthier while you travel. If you need to plan your snacks ahead to avoid fast food, you can refer to this simple travel snack guide anytime.



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