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10 Ways On How To Look Good After Giving Birth

So, you finally gave birth to your baby. Congratulations! But it doesn’t end there. Ultimately, you have to change diapers, bathe your child, nurse him day and night, to keep him healthy and glowing. But, what about you? You were glowing once, and now, you’re just a shadow of your past self. You want to know how to look good after giving birth, yeah?

You love your child – that’s given. But it’s not wrong to take care of yourself once in a while, and give your husband a little wink, wink at times. Though each woman has a different beauty regime to restore her pre-partum body, here are the some of the easiest way to get back in shape.

10 ways on how to look good quickly

There’s no easy way to the road of beauty, but if you do some of these tips consistently, you might notice a firmer, leaner, and glowing new you!

1. Buy new clothes

It’s not that you have to get rid of the mommy clothes all of the sudden, but you want to let your husband, family, and even you to see a whole new version of yourself. It’s more a psychological factor that drives you to the right motivation to continue looking good. Also, you have to buy the perfect clothing to cover your chubby sized stomach.

2.  Get a haircut in a salon


Have you noticed that your hair is growing fast? No, you’re not losing your senses. It actually is. The hormonal changes in your body have given arise to androgen which may convert to estrogen. So, your locks will definitely grow long and strong because of the female hormone. But once your baby is out, the shine went with it too. Now is the time Cost of Haircut at Walmart Hair Salon! Go for a change and shock the world with your glam with affordable prices for hair styling.

3.Ask for help

Help you with the house, diaper change, cleaning, nursing, and more. If you do all the job, you’ll get stressed and burned down. Soon, the stress and wrinkles will show up on your face. Heck, you even need help on how to perk yourself up if you need one. If you forget to put on some make up, you need help from a sister, mother, or even your brother to dab a little powder on your face.
 4. Reshape easy with a postpartum belly wrap


We understand that you don’t have any time to exercise or take care of yourself. That’s why, another option to tone your body is by using a postpartum girdle. Other than that, it can help alleviate back pains especially that it strengthens and corrects your posture.

5.  Warm up

After giving birth to your kid, you need to stretch and walk around to instill circulation and promote sweat to get that glowing skin again. You can do light postpartum work out if you can’t handle strenuous ones months after your child’s birth.   Leg raises, arm circles, calf raises, and march twists might be doable. It is still considered as a cardio combat exercise.

6.  Get enough sleep

This one is tricky since you wake up if your child has woken up. And that’s most of the time. If you know and regulate your baby’s sleeping pattern, you might be surprised to almost predict your child’s sleeping way. Also, a good night’s sleep will help boost your metabolism, and does superbly on your skin too.


7.  Review your beauty make up regimen

Before your baby came up, you almost took 30 minutes or more in perfecting the ideal contour or skin tone make up. Now, try your luck with dabbing a powder in your face for about five minutes. Well, not really. Just hasten up a little bit. You can try one of those quick beauty tricks online or in Youtube for a pretty up do look.
8.  Drink water

Nothing beats anything else by drinking water. By staying hydrated, you get loads of benefits like preventing headaches in a natural way, improving skin complexion, promoting weight loss, and preventing of ageing among many others. Just drink your daily H2O and you’ll be fine. See how it can help you in the long run!


9.  Spa



Pamper yourself with some skin care treatments and massages. A good rub in your back can help boost your blood flow, making skin look younger and glowing. You can also avail of their manicure or pedicure services. The relaxing environment will make you refresh, up-and-going, while helping you to get back in shape.

10. Slimming or contouring services

Okay, only if you have the money and time for it, you can opt for some skin clinic services like radio frequency, liposuction, and heat treatments. But seriously, wanna do this? It is the quickest way to look pretty, but um, it’s up to you.

Why do you have to look good?

Sometimes, it’s not about the visual aspects of looking great, but it’s the real mood booster part to tackle the day’s work. You have the motivation to work around the house, take care of your baby, and maybe your hubby can get some lovin’ too.


Overall, looking good after giving birth is a normal feeling most mothers have. Trust me. I’ve been there. Hope your road to looking good and feeling better gets you to where you want to be.

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