Protection Against Mold – How To Keep Your Home Safe #TrustTyvek #healthyhome

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We live in New England.  My husband and I have five children and all have special needs.  We spent a great deal of time looking for a home when we moved.  We were also looking for a home where my in laws (parents) could live with us.  My father is disabled and medically fragile – the home had to be perfect.  Many of us have respiratory issues that are already compromised – a huge issue for us would have been mold in our home – we knew that right up front.


We found what we considered to be the perfect home for our multigenerational family – a home that allowed each group to have their own space yet we were all still living together.  We looked at homes with in-law apartments but that wasn’t quite what we were looking for.  We wanted them to not have to change their standard of living for a much smaller home.


Our house is a very large home – older home.  We did have inspections prior to purchasing it and did all that we could to make sure we weren’t buying a home with a mold issue.



We were very fortunate – but this is not the case for all homes.



They have been voted BEST in the market for 20 consecutive years.  They know how to do it all right!  I would prefer to have the protection against the health problems associated with mold in the walls of our home.  Do not take shortcuts with the health of your home; there are no substitutes for Tyvek® house wrap, only imposters.  Tyvek® is the standard by which all air and moisture barriers are measured for the past 30 years.

Are you building a home?  Renovating a home?  Or even buying a home?  Make sure you keep Dupont Tyvek in mind – it could save your families health and keep you from losing your investment.


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20 thoughts on “Protection Against Mold – How To Keep Your Home Safe #TrustTyvek #healthyhome

  1. Tina Gleisner says:

    Tyvek is definitely the #1 house wrap used by builders across the US … and loved the video. I have lots of articles about repairing water problems around the house, and indoor air quality.

  2. Bernadette Callahan says:

    Knock on wood our house is pretty well off. Alot though, arent so much.
    This is a great reminder to kinda just check up on your house every once in a while, make sure things are safe and secure.

  3. Michelle Waller says:

    Thankfully our current house doesn’t have mold. We still check it out a lot. We are moving soon and I hope that we don’t have mold problems.

  4. Fatima Torres says:

    This will come in handy as we transition from renting to owning a home. Thanks for the tips and we’ll definitely be looking into inspecting certain areas for mold.

  5. katrina m gehman says:

    we are dealing with mold in our rental house. our tenants aren’t helping the situation though. not something i want to deal with again.

  6. wendy says:

    This is interesting, and I didn’t know about some of this. I used to live in a rental with mold in it. The landlord was told but didn’t care enough to do anything about it. I bought a new home that is about 3 years old, and I had them check.

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