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Suzy Toronto Adult Coloring Books


We can all relate to having a stressful day, right? After being tightly wound for hours on end, your nerves are shot. You feel like a rubber band pulled taut to its breaking point. Wouldn’t it be nice to slowly ease the tension in that rubber band, perhaps lose yourself in a low-pressure activity that prompts creativity without rules or restrictions? Then, gather your (or your child’s) crayons and colored pencils about you, and get coloring! Adult coloring books are all the rage once again, and they offer a great escape from reality through the beauty of artistic license.



Suzy Toronto’s adult coloring books are so whimsically illustrated, the drawings just invite you to fill them with flourishes of color. Objects like hearts, jewels, and ocean waves leap from the pages and beg to be shaded with cheerful hues. Don’t worry if you’re no Vincent Van Gogh, either. Each book contains a helpful tutorial section about the use of complementary colors for maximum eye-catching effect. Beyond the zany characters and flowers awaiting strokes from your personal palette, however, each coloring book is a quick, uplifting read in itself, celebrating heartwarming concepts like smiling and the power of kindness. The Suzy Toronto adult coloring titles include: Light & Laughter, Inspiration & Encouragement, Tingle Boots, Friendship, and Sisterhood.



Feel free to use a multitude of different tools to enhance your Suzy Toronto adult coloring book. After all, this is your chance to customize a piece of art! The archival-grade paper of each book is durable enough to take watercolor paint and thicker gel inks.

Treat yourself and someone you love to a cathartic coloring experience. A Suzy Toronto adult coloring book along with a box of perfectly sharp colored pencils would make a great gift for a gal pal, a new graduate, or someone that needs a little lift of the spirits. Regardless of whom you gift with a Suzy Toronto coloring book and why, they’re sure to get lost in the art of the scribble and feel like a kid again, even if only for a moment.


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