Meet Roscoe a New Beddie Bear



Every child loves to have their stuffed animal at night to cuddle with so that they feel more secure. There are so many choices out there, but the Beddie Bear is seriously adorable. With different bears available there is one for every single child to love. There’s also a blanket inside to add to that ultimate comfort of their pal.



Roscoe is the newest addition to our home and he has been nothing but loved since the day he came. He is an adorable brown bear that you may be used to when you were a child. The blanket inside is brown just like Roscoe. I loved that it was a two in one so that no matter where we are my child can have the bear and blanket if they choose.



Each one of the bears that are available by Beddie Bear is 22” tall and is the perfect size for kids both younger and older to snuggle up to. I know that we will be loving this bear for many more years to come as Roscoe becomes part of our routine at bedtime. We have never really been able to find that right companion to make my daughter comfortable at night and feel secure. The Beddie Bears were perfect.



If Roscoe is not your child’s style, there are two others named Bamboo and Oslo. Bamboo is a panda bear that is super adorable and has a black blanket inside. Oslo is a polar bear that comes with a white blanket. Either way that you choose to go or that your child falls in love with is going to amaze them. The softness of the bear is so amazing and they will not want to be separated from their bear once they are introduced.
Everyone had their favorite stuffed animal when they were younger. I know that I definitely had one that I could not be torn from. This has become so true of Roscoe and I love knowing that my child has a special animal that she can turn to whenever she needs that extra bit of security.


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