4 Epic Ways to Quit Smoking: Throw Your Cigarettes Down The Hood


While you’re smoking your way towards asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases or perhaps, lung cancer, you might want to reconsider your habit and try to curb it indefinitely for the better. The commercials you see about your favorite cigarette brands falsely exhibit the glory of smoking, since there is no charm in coughing up blood due to lung cancer, right?

While a plan, constant support, and a strict deadline are necessary, switching to e-cigarettes might be considered fruitful in gradually weaning off smoking instead of going cold turkey. Mentioned below are 4 of the most reliable ways which would help you get rid of your cigarettes for good.


Going cold turkey might not seem too ideal for a lot of people, since it requires a lot of stamina and motivation to convince yourself that you wouldn’t need any outside support to help you quit smoking. Making a plan, and convincing yourself to stick to it does sound like an ordeal, which is why it is advised to make lists of yourself and record a pattern in your mood changes throughout the struggle. Only 4% of smokers are known to benefit themselves while going cold turkey.


While you’re considering ways to curb your smoking, you might come across several rehabilitation groups and counseling sessions, which would help you to build your self-esteem and confidence while motivating you through several ways to quit it. Counseling sessions help you make a plan towards rehabilitation, and also motivate you through several psychological ways to stick to it.

They ask you to express, and keep a track of the factors that trigger the craving for smoking in you. Slowly and gradually, you learn how to counteract the craving through several other dietary replacements such as green herbal tea or diversions such as sports, picnics, or long drives.


Instead of catering to medicines or other costly therapies, most doctors advise nicotine replacement therapy in order to prevent a smoker from smoking cigarettes. Nicotine replacement therapy can be availed by puffing vape juice through e-cigarettes or using inhalers, lozenges, nicotine chewing gums, and patches. Consider pairing this therapy with counseling sessions in order to see an early yet long-lasting result. You can also get your alternative nicotine-free cigarette from this website.


In order to wean off smoking gradually, puffing vape juice or tobacco e-liquid through e-cigarettes have been highly recommended. Since their usage hasn’t been associated with the development of lung cancer or any other pulmonary diseases, and they don’t require any prescription or unduly support from quitting smoking by going towards e-cigarettes has been considered to be quite ideal for chronic smokers.

E-cigarettes are electronic inhalers that consist of refillable premium e-liquids, which can be of several flavors. However, tobacco e-juice is highly recommended for smokers who still want to savor the ‘throat hit’ due to tobacco and preserve the sensations they used to get while smoking cigarettes. From flexible nicotine cartridges to e-liquids that contain 0% nicotine at all, puffing vape juice is the most authentic, versatile, and inexpensive method to curb the smoking habit.

Before you plan on getting rid of your smoking habit, it is advisable to convince yourself fully, and take support and suggestions from your friends and family. Not only that, you have to be ready for the withdrawal symptoms, and consider a doctor or therapist too if possible. You have to be in an exceptionally good mood to come to the decision that you ‘have’ to curb your smoking habit. Try to resist buying cigarette packs or cigars, and consider having a friend throughout the journey with you.


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