6 Ways We Show Our Dog How Much We Love Her

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15 Responses

  1. These are great ways to show your dog how much you love him. I haven’t tried this organic dog food for my dog yet but need to.

  2. robin rue says:

    When we had a dog, he always liked going out for rides in the car. Such fun ideas.

  3. Sarah Bailey says:

    I am with you on all of these, we do all of them with our dog Sally, who is most definitely one in a million.

  4. Nellwyn says:

    My childhood dog had a lot of digestive problems so paying attention to her diet and food was so important!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    It is so important to remember that pets are part of the family too and need and want love and kindness. We’re a cat family so they’re a little less labour intensive than a dog, but the same rules apply. 🙂

  6. christine says:

    Wow, she’s huge!! I’d love to just lay in bed and have a cuddle 😛

  7. There’s nothing better than showing our dogs that we love them. I make sure to spend time with my Riley as much as I can. It’s also important that we give them the best food possible!

  8. These are so true! Just like humans, we should show them how much we love them! They really appreciate it!

  9. I love this! I certainly think that a lot of the ways in which we interact with people we care about applies just as easy to our animal companions as well. Thank you for sharing!

  10. These are really excellent ways to show our dogs how much we love them. Thanks for sharing these tips with us.

  11. I have dogs growing up when I lived with my parents but not now. I miss the company of having a dog. I hope to get a dog someday. Dog is such a great companion.

  12. Tione says:

    I’m not fond of pets but it’s good to show them love.

  13. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    We love our dog so much! I could not imagine life without our fur baby. He may be annoying with his high pitched barks but other than that, he is just a sweet little fur ball, pretending to be the alpha male in the family. haha. You gave really good tips on how to show love to your dog. What we love to do is to take him on long walks and give him healthy food. I will have to try that Tender and True brand too.

  14. OMG your dog is georgeos! so cute, I love dogs I wish to have one but they really need time to be with us and big space. I hope in the future on a bigger house I can have one my daughter would love to because she loves animals as well.

  15. Blair villanueva says:

    Our dogs loves being pat and rubbed their bellies while we watch movies. And they always make sure we stay warm, by keep sitting next to us.

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