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Eating Healthy on a Budget: 5 Excellent Tips


Many of us choose to lead healthy lifestyles regardless of the cost, but some of us feel the need to eat whatever’s in the cupboard simply because eating healthily can be expensive. It’s not all doom and gloom for people looking to eat healthily on a budget, though, because there are numerous options available. If you’re looking to get healthy this year but you still feel healthy eating is an expensive alternative, have a look at some of the below tips that will help you keep the costs down.

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1.      Buy Regular Fresh Produce and Freeze It

This isn’t always easy to achieve because of different vegetable seasons. However, when a vegetable is in season you should look to buy it at its cheapest price and freeze it for several months. This way, you’ll get your favorite vegetables at their cheapest and you’re always going to have access to them.

2.      Plan Meals in Advance

One of the greatest tips when it comes to healthy eating is to plan your meals in advance. Many people come home from work and order a takeaway because they can’t be bothered to cook. Don’t be one of these people. Cook meals on one day for the rest of the week and take advantage of plastic storage containers to keep meals organized.

3.      Broaden Your Taste Buds

If you’re a fussy eater, it’s time to get unfussy and broaden your tastes. If you don’t eat Mexican food, try it. If you don’t eat Indian food, give it a go. Why? It is because these types of meals rely on much cheaper ingredients. Rice is inexpensive and so are beans. These types of meals don’t rely heavily on meat, which can be expensive, and that’s just another reason to give these meals a try.

4.      Go to the Farmers Market

One valuable tip for healthy eaters on a budget is to visit the local farmers market a few times a week, right at the end of the day. If you can get there an hour before it closes, you’ll find some great deals on plenty of produce. Many stalls will also chuck in something extra, just so they can offload the rest of what they brought.

5.      Keep Your Fridge Organized

Simple, but effective – keep your fridge organized always and you will be able to take advantage of last night’s leftovers with ease. Not only this, but you’ll find leftover ingredients can also be stored in the fridge/freezer, so you can make different meals based on the ingredient you have rather than buying more.

Eating healthily on a budget isn’t easy as it means you’re going to have to spend more time in the kitchen preparing meals. But, if you really want to lead a healthy lifestyle and you don’t have the funds to do it, the above points will drastically improve your diet for little to no more than what you’re spending on food currently.

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