Mobile Licensing and Data Validation


License validation and information is one of the most important compliances in the healthcare manufacturer and HCP/HCO dynamic. The challenges to efficient validation can be lack of updated resources, variable sources and discrepancies that arise from the lack of integration of information.

Sample-distribution is an important part of the marketing cycle for any life science and health care manufacturing company. Establishing relationships with individual providers and organizations is followed by demonstrations and knowledge sharing of the latest products and technology. A sales representative would usually work according to a specific call plan after identifying a certain area of network of HCPs and HCOs.

There is an important step of validating the licenses and specifications of providers and organizations which is part of this process. Real-time validation is a huge time saver for on the ground life sciences representatives when they visit local providers and organizations. With a click on their mobile devices, real-time data procured and curated from the most reliable and updated sources will be available.

Go With Mobile Validation

Sales representatives are constantly on the move and this is why it is imperative that any shift towards a tech based validation platform should keep mobility in mind. Life science companies like medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies are choosing the prudent path of mobile applications that are web-based to enable quick validation. Some of the information that can be sourced via a web-based mobile application includes the status of the license, license expiry date and information regarding the specialty of the HCP or HCO. These web-based features can be accessed on iOS and Android devices using WiFi or 3G/4G networks.

Advantages of Mobile Real Time Validation

Here are some of the main advantages of real time validation using a web-based mobile platform. The company’s sales representative will find it easy to verify the license status of a health care provider. The provider’s specialty can also be verified real-time. Sales reps can also get validation of HCPs who are not on their call-plan. Modern interfaces allow for easy updates of the main master database. Graphical features also help sales representatives to find and identify other health care providers in the vicinity of the establishment on their call plan.

A web-based application also means that there is no requirement for specific software to be downloaded. This keeps the technology light and creates easy resolutions with a centralized tech platform.

Enjoy Value Addition with Market Leaders

Aligning with a market leader also gives the companies the benefits of many value addition services. Prompt and informed customer service is crucial when there are important queries or when the sales rep is acclimatizing to the new technology. Leading licensing validation specialists have access to the best data in the industry, integrated, verified and backed up by the major industry and regulatory bodies. High-quality tools also enable easy customer experience and quick uncomplicated functions while catering to different configuration requirements.

Mobile device medical license validation has proved to be a valuable feature for top life science companies nationwide. Choosing an industry leader in healthcare license solutions is the best possible way to leverage the most out of this technology.

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