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Understanding The Benefits Of Water Fountains

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Over the past few years, water fountains have become more popular than ever. Countless people are choosing to put these fountains inside their homes, in their yards or gardens and as an outdoor fountain for your patio. They come in many different styles and are made from just about every type of material that you can imagine. From tiny fountains that are small enough to fit on a desk to large fountains that are placed outside of commercial properties, water fountains are being used in nearly every setting that you can think of. Cities are even starting to install fountains at playgrounds and in parks to help enhance the beauty of these outdoor spaces.

Understanding Why Fountains Are So Popular

In order to understand the recent surge in the popularity of fountains, you need to think about the effect that water has on the body and the mind suggests Loren Taylor of Indoor Fountain Pros. As it turns out, the sound of running water can be incredibly soothing. Listening to water can instantly relieve stress and can be a welcome break from sounds like sirens and traffic noise that you hear on a daily basis.

Some fountains are louder than others. It really depends on what types of materials they are made from as well as the overall design of the fountain. For instance, fountains that are designed in such a way that the water falls over a long distance will naturally be louder than those where the water just trickles down a gentle slope. The room or outdoor area where the fountain is placed also comes into play when determining how loud it will sound. Some spaces can cause echoes or reverberation, effectively amplifying the sound of the fountain. When buying a fountain, you need to think about all of these factors. You should also consider whether or not there are any sounds that you are trying to drown out with the sound of running water.  There are also wall outdoor fountains and you can seek guidance with

I noticed a strange phenomenon when I first started selling fountains at public exhibits. I would have the fountains all placed out on the table on display. As people hurried past my booth, they often slowed down or stopped for a moment. What I found most fascinating is that most of them didn’t even bother looking at the fountains when they first stopped. Instead, they stopped to listen to the water. I believe that the calming sound of the water is what drew them in rather than the way that the fountains looked. It was only after they had stopped that they took the time to actually look at the fountains. In some cases, you could visibly see the person relax as they spent time around the water. It was really an amazing sight to behold.

When you consider the calming effect of running water, it is easy to see why so many cities and businesses are choosing to put fountains in public spaces. A well-placed fountain can help create a calming environment where conflict is less likely to happen. I have often wondered what effect fountains might have on crime-ridden areas if more of them were added.

Another commonly overlooked benefit of water fountains is that they help improve the air quality in the immediate vicinity. Not only can they add humidity to dry air but they can also help remove contaminants. The negatively charged ions that are produced by the movement of the water can have a positive impact on the surrounding air.


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  • gloria patterson

    Years ago I had big metal tub that I half buried. Then added rocks to make a waterfall, added plants fish etc. We buried a electrial cord and ran it 24/7. It was so relaxing and inviting to watch everything that happended there. Birds/cats/dogs/squirels/bugs/frogs there was always something around it. the birds loved to take baths.

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